Select the image above for a list of all the databases we supply through the state library system.

What is a Library Database?

A library database contains information from various published works.

  • Examples: Magazines and newspaper articles, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and other reference books.

Library databases are searchable.

  • You can search by keyword, Subject, Author, Magazine Title, Date, etc.

Library databases provide citation information.

  • Author
  • Title or Article
  • Publication (Title of magazine, newspaper, etc.)
  • Publisher
  • Date of publication

Library databases contain many full-text articles.

  • You can print entire articles for use in class, or email them to your teacher if required.

There are specific and general library databases.

  • For specific topics: Biography Resource Center, New Book of Popular Science, etc.
  • For general topics: ProQuest, World Book Online, etc.

How do I know what sources to use?

Here are some points to check in order to determine if a source is reputable and still relevant. 

  • How current is the information?
  • Is the information well organized?
  • Is it easy to cite with clearly labelled information?
  • Does it explain basic concepts and jargon in an easy to understand manner?

If your journal or article answers yes to all these questions, you have a terrific source. A source can be well written and still not be reputable. 

How can I access these databases?

You can find all our databases here or by selecting the banner at the top of the page. You can also find them by selecting “Databases” on the menu at the top of the screen, then “Databases by Subject” or “Databases by Type”. 

“Databases by Subject” is most useful if you need to access information on a very specific topic. It allows you to narrow down your search to databases relating to a topic like science or the arts. “Databases by Type” is most useful if you want a variety of sources. Your research will be more reputable if you use a variety of sources that prove your point from different viewpoints.

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